About – OSAA


She is bold, yet reserved. She is modern, yet wears India’s kaleidoscopic traditions with panache. She exuberates the spirit of youth, yet wears the grace of wisdom with class. She is Osaa.

A melange of rich embroideries, appliques, impeccable weaving, brilliant printing and dyeing, Osaa by Adarsh is a story of India’s rich textile traditions replicated to form wedding couture. Adarsh Makharia saw the endless opportunities to engage the diverse artisans and designs and, with Osaa, weaved together a celebration of India’s heritage with a twist of contemporary and restored it with classy pieces. The label, which has an exclusive studio in Kolkata and is also available in Ogaan and Aza can be described as reformed couture with a strong sense of colour and storytelling that compliments every bride.

Osaa is an emotion. The inspiration behind each piece can come from anything- a feeling, a photograph, people or even from a melody. A melange of creativity, instinct and reason, the label stands for sophisticated elegance, where subtle embroidery is paired with easy flowy silhouettes and fabrics. Even though wedding couture is traditional, the abstract design elements in every piece of Osaa plays with silk, tissue, mulberry and matka, adding drama to every outfit.

Osaa is crafted for a woman who values her Indian roots and cherishes her heritage; is modern in her thought process and who has an individual style of her own. Someone who seeks versatility, functionality, and yet glamour in her wedding ensembles. The Osaa woman isn’t defined by where she lives, how many numbers are next to her age, or her profession. She is confident, rebellious, funny, klutzy, elegant, glamorous, vibrant. She is you. So wear a statement. Wear a story. Wear Osaa by Adarsh.

Adarsh, the name behind Osaa- a line of wedding couture, is a textile interpreter and not just a fashion designer. The shy and introverted designer has a range of designs that’s designed for the independent, modern, chic woman who is rooted in traditions and heritage. His line is committed to restoring traditional craftsmanship and artisanal techniques in a contemporary vocabulary. Passionate and hard-working, he believes in learning by experience because he isn’t scared of failure. ‘Without a failure my brand wouldn’t have seen the light of the day.” The designer might have a simple outlook towards life, but his design aesthetics have the right dash of drama. And why not? Adarsh understands drama and storytelling because his career started with drama. “I was not into silhouettes and didn’t have a certificate in design, but I wanted to do something new. I knew it was going to be a challenge to put my collection on the ramp. I remember putting my blood and sweat in a show when, after a lot of work, I clinched my first client. I’d put my entire life on hold through the process. The show that was supposed to happen in Goa was a pretty big break for a newbie and kit had become my life. I remember a day before the show, we were all set, but as fate had in store for me, the organiser backed out at the last minute.” That show never happened. But Osaa did.

For one year, I tried to keep myself afloat and kept pushing myself, and finally In 2013 I got my big break. “I’m my biggest critique and that acts like my strength. I’m not ashamed to accept that I’ve failed and I have arrived, because I’ve never given up.” The proof is his enviable repertoire of clientele- transcending Bollywood and the international circuit, though he doesn’t like to brag about it. “I’m still learning. I’m a student. I’ve miles to go before I sleep.” The inventive designer has cracked the perfect balance between minimalism and radical. Maybe that’s because he is an observer of people, and the stories they live. He believes that the essence of a woman is what she is on the inside and the right clothes can beautifully translate that. “It’s very tough to carry simple clothes. Thousands of people have tried to copy Indira Gandhi, but no one could justify! She was a trendsetter. Why do you think so? Clothes can never make a person. But the inner core and the outer veneer has to be perfectly aligned in harmony. That’s what makes the perfect ensemble.” Adarsh has taken his strength and love for indigenous craft and textiles to create an ethnic wear line with distinctive, opulent and inventive textiles. He loves to bring the NRIs close to the Indian roots with his creations. Hence he promotes the use of traditional embroideries, dyeing and printing techniques. Just like his personality, his designs are classic with a slight twist of Indianness and strong color essence. He likes his monochrome subject and break that with his handicraft. He believes that good design can actually bring out the wearer’s personality, and hence his simple designs with bold twists take out a strong women out of it.

Steeped in heritage yet very fashionable, Osaa is an emotion. The humble designer also keeps reinventing his design sensibilities. The inspiration behind each piece sometimes comes from a feeling, a photograph, from a melody or even from people. “I am a great believer that you need passion and energy to create a truly successful business. I want our small projects to take bold steps. In the long term, I want the brand to outlive me and everyone else involved.” Adarsh believes in constantly discovering himself and spends a lot of his time in spiritual living. He believes Osaa is a meditation through which he achieves happiness. A man of few words, it’s beautiful how he uses his designs as a canvas to express himself. Purity of his designs translate to his work ethos as well. Hence it’s not a surprise that Adarsh is a man of ethics and transparency. ‘Everything in my company is reported and filed systematically. You can only grow if you are transparent. 15 years back, I included computer in our system. I can say we were amongst the first ones. I got bank accounts opened for my people/ karigars, much to the dismay of my people at that time as most of them were less educated. But today my people have become entrepreneurs. They appreciate order and beauty in being truthful- whether it’s in life or in designs.’ Touché.